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 About Us


Minister of MoID Under Secretary of MoID
Dr. Abdullah Belhaif AlNuaimi Eng. Hassan Al Mansoori
Phone: 04 2125776 Phone: 04 2125626
Fax: 04 2125577 Fax: 04 2125697​
P.O Box: 1828 P.O Box: 1828


Vision & Mission


A sustainable and integrated infrastructure that supports the country's global competitiveness.​​


Development of balanced infrastructure capable to compete through organizing, planning, constructing and maintaining infrastructure projects and organizing the federal housing sector in accordance with the world’s best standards and specifications through optimal investment of resources and in partnership with the relevant authorities.​

Our Values

1- Commitment
2- Transparency
3- Focus on the Customer
4- Excellence in performance
5- Teamwork
6- Innovation and creativity .​​


Ministry Specifications

Pursuant to the UAE Cabinet

Decision NO. (14) For the year of 2016 amending some provisions regulations of Federal Law No. (1) For the year of 1972 regarding ministry competencies and authorities, Ministry of Infrastructure Development undertakes the following functions:


1. Study and prepare urban development scheme for infrastructure federal projects in coordination with all federal and local relevant authorities.

2. Propose policies and strategies for housing sector development in addition to federal facilities and public utilities in coordination with the concerned authorities.

3. Propose technical and engineering legislation for infrastructure projects (Federal housing, facilities and public utilities) to ensure compliance in coordination with the concerned authorities.

4. Planning and supervising the expenditure of capital projects budgets allocated to federal infrastructure projects in accordance with the directives of the federal government and disbursing them within approved financial systems and procedures.

5. Management of federal infrastructure projects (public facilities and utilities) and supervision of their implementation in accordance with best international practices in coordination with the concerned authorities.

6. Federal facilities and public utilities maintenance to maintain its sustainability and improve its efficiency.

7. Establishment, management and operation of the Federal road network and property, and developed to ensure efficiency and quality, and invested as assets according to federal regulations and laws.

8. Housing allocation established by the ministry to eligible citizens and issue ownership decisions in cooperation with local departments in the emirate concerned.

9. Conduct research and scientific studies to achieve the objectives and competences of the ministry.

10. Suggesting adherence to international treaties and conventions and proposing partnership agreements with regional and international organizations related to the activities and competences of the Ministry in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and other concerned parties.

11. Representing the State in international and regional organizations, exhibitions and conferences in the fields of specialization of the Ministry, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and other concerned bodies.

12. Any other functions assigned to it by law or by a decision of the UAE Cabinet.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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