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> Home > About Ministry > Minister's Message
Minister's Message
Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Belhaif AlNuaimi’s Words
> Home > About Ministry > Minister's Message


Remarkable Achievements

​​The Ministry of Infrastructure Development has come a long way in achieving the ​urban development of UAE by carrying out federal infrastructure projects including government houses, buildings for the interest of various sectors such as health, education, security, cultu​re, agriculture and judiciary in addition to well-developed road network linking the emirates to one another in order to ensure welfare for UAE citizens and residents. The Ministry of Infrastructure Development is also working on executing a number of vital ​federal project all over the state to contribute to the international status UAE possesses nowadays. ​

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development gives a high priority to customer service by providing the best services as directed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid AlMaktoum, Vice President, Chief Minister and Ruler of Dubai who approved “Customer Service Charter” to be applied in all federal authorities and ministries. The charter aims at meeting customers’ needs in each and every possible way through applying approved roles, policies and procedures. It is considered as a central interface to receive and process a large number of requests and answer all enquires.

Dr. Abdullah Belhaif AlNuaimiMinister of Infrastructure Development

Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Belhaif AlNuaimi

Minister of Infrastructure Development


In order to offer more services to the customers, The Ministry of Infrastructure Development has launched its official website that is regarded as an approved reference to obtain all ministry-related information and view all projects and services in the field of establishment, building and infrastructure. This website is meant to be an interactive channel with society members. 

Moreover, the website was developed by taking into consideration the suggestions and remarks by customers, employees and society members who give their valuable opinion about the services provided by the ministry and its new website. In addition to the website, the ministry has created several communication channels to offer its e-services such as opening the customer services center to apply for services in the ministry’s head office and the offices in every emirate and by surfing the website to make use of every channel available 24/7. The website enables customers to register and pay electronically 24/7 through Ministry of Finance E-payment Gateway that accepts different ways of payment such as e-dirham and credit cards. Customers can also use the ministry’s e-services website to apply for services using smartphones without having to download any application. The ministry offers a total of 23 e-services and is 100% electronically ready since it automatized its services to be electronic and smart at the same time by providing them on both the website and smartphone.


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