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Open Data Policy
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The Ministry of Infrastructure Development follows the open data policy in presenting the most important data and information that cover the core business of the ministry, which is the infrastructure of United Arab Emirates. It aims to enable the user to use and publish data without obstacles prevent users from accessing it. Furthermore, the data published in open machine-readable format with no access restriction.


The open data of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development is a rich source of reliable approved data, which all individuals and private and governmental entities can utilize and rely on according to their needs and requirements. In addition, it helps save time and effort on the data user in extracting reports.

Scope of use

  1. 1 The ability to use, re-printer, copy & distribute the data and information on the open data site, with reference to the source of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.
  2. 2 Extract, transfer and allocate data and information declaring the source without changing the information
  3. 3 The Ministry is not responsible for any damage that may cause to the user in re- using the data in the open data site
  4. 4 Should not result in re-using the data any errors related to the content of the data

Responsibility of the MoID

Ministry of Infrastructure Development does not bear any responsibility for data users to any damage or loss that ​may results due to the reuse of such data

Data user responsibility

The data user is responsible for data reuse, and the data should results in no errors related to the content, source, date of the data plus their origin and history.

Reports and statistics

Open data for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development includes several reports and statistics that assist and support the user. Examples include:

  1. 1 MoID Projects Reports
  2. 2 Registered Users of MoID Website Reports
  3. 3 Statistics of Ministry's website visitors
  4. 4 Eservices Usage reports

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