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Features that help you easily browse the website of the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure
> Home > Accessibility


Usability of the Website of The Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure ensures​ direct accessibility to the information and services that are available on MoEI website. The website provides a number of tools that aims to improve the accessibility for users especially those with special needs to be able to access the information or services effectively and efficiently by applying all the available techniques for web access issued by Union Network International (W3C WAI).

The following explains the steps users can follow to make the usability of the website even easier. In case you faced any problem while browsing the website, kindly contacts us on

Features that Make the Usability Easier:

  • Site map
  • Change zoom level
  • Change Font
  • Photo-replacement texts
  • Text-to-speech

  1. 1 Site map

MoEI applies the standards of UNI (W3C) in designing and developing the website to make it easier for users to access information and services.

  1. 2 Change Zoom Level

User can use the option of zoom in or zoom out in case of facing any difficulty reading the text or viewing the pictures. Zoom can be changed by choosing “View” then “zoom in”

  1. 3 Change Font

User can change the font size in case of facing any difficulty in reading the text on screen by clicking on the icons (A+) or (A-) on top of the left side of the screen.

  1. 4 Photo-Replacement Texts

Every picture uploaded to the website of the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure has its own written description so that users can read it by moving the mouse on the picture.

  1. 5 Text-to-speech

it's a feature that helps users with special needs or visually impaired, to listen to the content across all pages of the website. The feature can be used by clicking on the “Listen to this page” icon on top of the page

Compatible Browsers

​Internet Explorer 10.0+,Chrome 30.0+, Firefox 4.0+, Safari 8+, Opera 9.5+​

Used Program

​RSS, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player


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