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CopyRights of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development
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  1. 1 All copyrights publishing, trademarks​, and other intellectual property rights in all materials on the Website (which includes, images, audio, graphics, reports, files, software, data, applications, information, text , video, logos, designs, artwork and other materials or animation, etc.) contained in or accessible through the Website are the property of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development .
  2. 2 The user is prohibited from modifying, copying, or attempting to reproduce the contents of the Website for commercial purposes without written permission from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development
  3. 3 You can display any of the contents of the site, store and print from this site for your personal use only non-commercial use, such as files stored electronically, but under the following conditions:
  • It is not allowed to save or display one of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development ' files in other external servers.
  • Users are not permitted to amend any documents related to Ministry of Infrastructure Development Website.
  • Intellectual property rights and trade mark of Ministry of Infrastructure Development Website should appear and should be used in all copies

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