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> Home > Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Description of the policy which Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website use to protect and secure the information
> Home > Privacy Policy


Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website contains information which is protected of legal immunity. This Privacy Policy describes the policy which Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website use to protect and secure the information that you may give us when you use Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website and it is part of the conditions of using the website of the Ministry and its provisions. Also Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure ​Website has the rights to update and modify the policies which involve your personal data without prior notification, which requires users/customers to review it regularly. By using this Website, you agree to our privacy policy and the policy of the amendment and update to Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website.

  1. 1 When you visit certain parts of Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website it will ask you to provide personal information to identify you (such as name, address, phone number ... etc) which is necessary to complete your transaction, if you refuse to submitted it will limit our ability to serve you.
  2. 2 Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure ​Website follows strict security policy where the information is available only to authorized staff to access your personal information.
  3. 3 Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website is not considered legally responsible for any damages that you may suffer or any other person as a result of breaching the confidentiality of the information and misusing it that may carried to the site.
  4. 4 Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website reserves the right to take necessary action to protect the site from any misuse or alteration of the information in the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website.
  5. 5 Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website uses techniques that protect the security of the website, note that these techniques do not guarantee that the use of Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website is protected and free from all exposure to security risks such as viruses and other.
  6. 6 Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website will not sell or reveal the information provided by you to other parties without your permission or if disclosure is required by law.
  7. 7 Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website does not collect personal information about you unless you choose to present it to us. Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website may use the personal information you provide to respond to your inquiry or manage and process your employment application and …etc.
  8. 8 This Privacy Policy applies only to Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website and when it involves using external link through Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Website, you must read the privacy policy of that website to get to know the policies adopted there.

These conditions apply to the laws of the United Arab Emirates and its courts have exclusive authority to consider disputes arising from the use of this website.

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