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> Home > Digital Participation > Consultation
The Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure is interested in taking customer opinion in the opening consultations
> Home > Digital Participation > Consultation

​​​​ ​Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure conducted the practice of e consultation and e-decision making within the principles of modern government administration in a manner that introduces new ideas related to improving and upgrading e-services or the ministry's policies by engaging the public and users.​


It is based on a two-way dialogue between the ministry and its users, allows them to contribute directly to a decision about a service or policy.


An idea or question that is issued to the public on the e participation page on the website, and enable the public and users to vote or to express opinion and make suggestions. And then make e-decision of social sharing.

We also invite you to participate through our available channel on which enhances our participation and transparency.

kindly participate on our e-Consultations below: ​​​​​​​​

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